Today, the Luxury Institute is, first and foremost, a high performance client relationship consulting firm.

Our Luxcelerate System has helped our clients to significantly improve client data collection, conversion and retention rates. In addition, the Institute has conducted more research with affluent consumers than any other entity in the world. In the last decade, we have served over 1,000 luxury and premium goods and services brands across dozens of categories.


Luxury Intelligence

Provides in-depth research and analysis related to the perceptions and behaviors of wealthy consumers around the world.


Brand Strategy

Delivers strategic and tactical consulting services for large and medium-sized brands, as well as start-ups.



High performance client relationship building system that coaches luxury and premium brands to significantly increase client data collection, conversion and retention.


Luxury Retail Education

Luxury Retail Advisor Certification is an online education and certification course for independent luxury or premium retail sales individuals and small to mid-scale boutiques.

Membership Association

Luxury Institute unites luxury executives dedicated to building customer-centric enterprises. Luxury Client Experience Board, co-founded with The Ritz-Carlton, unites luxury executives dedicated to creating exceptional experiences and building long-term high performance relationships with clients.

White Papers

In our most recent white paper, "Luxury Institute’s Three Most Dangerous Myths in Luxury and Retail Today," we have identified the three most dangerous myths that luxury and retail executives tell themselves despite mounting evidence that their ineffective actions and inactions are the true root causes of the inability to successfully navigate the current storm.

Luxury Institute Videos and Speaking Engagements
Big Data
Customer Metrics
Bold Customer Culture
High Performance Relationship Building

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