About Luxury Institute

Luxury Institute is a boutique research and consulting firm helping clients to build highly profitable customer-centric enterprises.

Luxury Institute helps brands to measurably Outperform and Outbehave the competition. Our products and services include Luxury Intelligence - Brand Strategy - Luxcelerate - Membership Associations - Industry and Brand Events - Luxury Retail Training

Luxury Institute Values

- We are committed to delivering objective and accurate insights into the behaviors and attitudes of affluent consumers
- We help companies to create value by living their unique best practices
- We are dedicated to providing personalized client service that builds lasting relationships
- We practice honesty and transparency in all interactions with our partners and clients
- We take a collaborative approach to find customized and effective solutions for our clients
- We serve as a trusted advisor, always maintaining strict confidentiality
- We are passionate about furthering the art and science of customer-centric culture to help clients become industry leaders
- We measure our success by our clients’ results