About Luxury Institute

Today, the Luxury Institute is, first and foremost, a high performance client relationship consulting firm.

Luxury Institute has conducted more research with affluent consumers than any other entity in the world. In the last decade, we have served over 1,000 luxury, premium and mass goods and services brands across dozens of categories, a track record that is unmatched by any luxury consultant or researcher.

Our expertise is in understanding the client experience directly from the voice of the luxury client. We seek to objectively determine both the functional and emotional drivers of the client experience that lead to purchase and loyalty. One key area of focus is in deeply understanding the responses and narratives that consumers use to explain their luxury purchase decisions and behaviors. Our global expertise of both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, with top-tier luxury brands and consumer segments, delivers a cumulative effect of actionable knowledge that our clients can use to optimize business decisions. Our focus on luxury and wealthy consumers allow us to serve our luxury brand clients with the highest level of trusted expertise and project investment value in the industry.

Our Luxcelerate System has helped our clients to significantly improve client data collection, conversion, average transaction value, retention, and referral rates. The purpose of Luxcelerate is to transform your brand's professionals and managers from being predominantly disengaged transactors into highly proactive, emotionally intelligent client relationship builders. We enable your brand’s DNA to come to life daily by customizing our techniques and methodologies specifically for your unique needs.

Our advanced, high-performance system is based on continuously conducted and tested empirical research combined with proven best practices, insights derived from aviation, the armed forces, education, medicine, professional sports, and behavioral and positive psychology, as well as from our own innovative and cutting-edge tested and proven techniques.  We serve every client as an independent and objective coach who provides honest, evidence-based, timely feedback to ensure that they understand their efficiency and effectiveness from an outside perspective, seeing reality, avoiding blind spots, and making quick adjustments for improvement. Luxury Institute's team has the expertise to guide and track execution to guarantee the success of the system, as well as engage, empower and humanistically inspire the front-line team to take ownership and accountability for both individual and team results.

Our Values:

  • We are committed to delivering objective and accurate insights into the behaviors and attitudes of affluent consumers
  • We help companies become high performers who create value for their internal and external clients by living their unique best practices daily
  • We are dedicated to providing personalized client service that build long-term relationships
  • We practice honesty and transparency in all interactions with our partners and clients
  • We take an interactive, extreme empowerment approach to build customized and effective solutions for every client
  • We serve as a trusted advisor, always maintaining strict confidentiality
  • We are passionate about furthering the art and science of client relationship mastery to help clients become recognized leader
  • We measure our success by our clients’ results
  • We demonstrate expertise, empathy, trustworthiness and generosity in all things