About Luxury Institute

Today, the Luxury Institute is, first and foremost, a high performance client relationship consulting firm.

Our Luxcelerate System has helped our clients to significantly improve client data collection, conversion and retention rates. In addition, the Institute has conducted more research with affluent consumers than any other entity in the world. In the last decade, we have served 1,000 luxury and premium goods and services brands across dozens of categories.

Our products and services include:

Luxury Institute Values

  • We are committed to delivering objective and accurate insights into the behaviors and attitudes of affluent consumers
  • We help companies become high performers who create value for their internal and external clients by living their unique best practices daily
  • We are dedicated to providing personalized client service that build long-term relationships
  • We practice honesty and transparency in all interactions with our partners and clients
  • We take an interactive, extreme empowerment approach to build customized and effective solutions for every client
  • We serve as a trusted advisor, always maintaining strict confidentiality
  • We are passionate about furthering the art and science of client relationship mastery to help clients become recognized leader
  • We measure our success by our clients’ results
  • We demonstrate expertise, empathy, trustworthiness and generosity in all things