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The Luxury Study

Through recent collaborative research with Realeyes, we reveal several essential factors to successful luxury advertising including why luxury brands need to make an emotional connection with their consumers.

Accessories Council Summit

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 – Hearst Tower

Speakers & Panelists including Bobbi Brown, Marshal Cohen, and more…


Luxury Daily is the world’s leading luxury business publication


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Old Habits Gone: Evolving Luxury Retail in 2016

An interview with Milton Pedraza, CEO of the Luxury Institute, and Luxury Interactive on how global economics, generational gaps and disruptive technologies are changing the way we engage with customers.


2016 Predictions for the Luxury Industry in Sustainability and Innovation – The Executive Summary

Luxury Institute partnered with Positive Luxury to published Positive Luxury’s 2016 Predictions for the Luxury Industry: Sustainability & Innovation

Industry and Brand Events

Luxury Institute shares unique luxury knowledge with passion and candor.

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Speaking Engagements

  • Conferences: As the leading quoted expert on the luxury and premium goods and services categories, Luxury Institute CEO Milton Pedraza is frequently invited to speak at industry conferences.

    Recent conference speaking engagements include:

    • eTail
    • JCK Las Vegas
    • Luxury Daily: Luxury FirstLook Summit
    • Luxury Daily: Luxury Outlook 2014: Up, Down or Flat?
    • Luxury Interactive
    • Merchandise Mart
    • Next Generation Customer Experience

    “Thank you for your help in making our event a huge success. It was wonderful to have you as a part of our Chicago VIP Luxury Summit and we continue to get extremely positive feedback. We could not have done this without your support, dedication and talent. We are very appreciative of all of your efforts and time.”
    -Marketing Director, Merchandise Mart Properties Inc.

  • Brand Meetings: After a decade of working closely with top luxury brands, Luxury Institute has gained an intimate knowledge of the industry’s challenges and opportunities that allows us to share new trends, market outlook, and brand stories.

    Recent brand speaking engagements include:

    • Coldwell Banker
    • REEDS Jewelers
    • Independent Means
    • Treasury Wine Estates
    • Perpetual
    • Forevermark
    • Kering

    “Your insights were very helpful in setting our future direction and strategy.”
    -Private Wealth Management firm

Interactive Solutions Workshops

  • Existing Challenges: Objective and independent facilitation to align and focus teams on developing actionable solutions for current issues.

    Sample Workshop topics include:

    • Enabling and executing global teamwork
    • Overcoming internal data silos
    • Communicating brand heritage and history
    • Streamlining relationships with multi-channel consumers
  • Growth Opportunities: Group brainstorming session to define potential areas for innovation to transform brands into industry leaders.

    Sample Workshop topics include:

    • Reaching affluent millennials
    • Developing and nurturing referrals
    • Building long-term customer relationships
    • Optimizing technology with human relationship building efforts

White Papers

In our latest white paper, “The Future of Work Manifesto: Self-Management and Emotional Self-Mastery Are The Most Powerful Skills for Business Success in the Next Decade,” we collaborate with organizational change consultant and Beyond Empowerment author, Doug Kirkpatrick.


  • The Future of Work Manifesto: Self-Management and Emotional Self-Mastery Are The Most Powerful Skills for Business Success in the Next Decade
  • ‘Caring Jobs’ Revolution Will Render A.I.’s Job-Destruction Algorithms Irrelevant, Predicts Luxury Institute and EIX
  • Luxury Institute Reveals Seven Critical Issues
    Your Top Performing Sales Associates Won’t Tell You, But You Need to Know
  • Luxury Institute’s Five Critical Skills Required to Successfully Scale a Luxury or Premium Conglomerate
  • Luxury Institute: How a Simple Brand Health Assessment Can Reignite Your Business
  • Luxury Institute and EIX: Top 5 Reasons Why Your Brand Culture Process is Failing
  • Luxury Institute and EIX: Artificial Intelligence Demands Emergence of “Platinum Collar Worker”
  • From Fear States To Flow States: Luxury Institute’s Proven System For Leading Sales Associates To Conquer Fear And Achieve High Performance In The ‘Relationship Zone’
  • Luxury Institute’s 7 Smart Ways to Retain Talent in the New Age of Emotional Intelligence
  • The Emotional Intelligence Revolution: Luxury Institute’s Seven Practical Steps to Executing High-Performance Emotional Intelligence in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
  • Over-Hyped And Over-Rated: Luxury Institute’s 7 Critical Things your Artificial Intelligence Vendor Won’t Tell You, But You Need to Know
  • The Most Critical Skill in Luxury and Retail in the 21st Century
  • Luxury Institute’s 7 Rule-Breaking Moves Needed Now to Flourish in the Most Perplexing Luxury and Retail Market Ever
  • Luxury Institute’s Three Most Dangerous Myths in Luxury and Retail Today
  • Luxury Institute’s 21st Century Career Advice You Can’t Afford to Ignore: An Open Letter to Luxury Retail Sales Associates
  • Luxury Institute Reveals 7 Major Improvements Store Managers Recommend to Drive Sales Performance Right Now
  • Luxury Institute Reveals Top Seven Reasons Why Sales Performance Fails, And How To Fix It
  • Luxury Institute Reveals the 10 Things Your Top Performing Sales Associates Aren’t Telling You, But You Need to Know
  • Luxury Institute’s Operations Optimization Summer Checklist
  • Luxury Institute’s 7 Rules for Peak Performance in Luxury Client Relationships
  • Luxury Institute’s Seven Trends Shaping Luxury in 2015
  • Three Luxury Myths Killing Your Brand Equity
  • Wealth and Luxury Trends 2014 and Beyond
  • 10 Innovative Action Steps that Drive Sales in this Uncertain Economy


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